Legal Docs & Evidence

Lise Anne OFFICIAL statements to the Police regarding violence, under oath !

Fabricated Evidence of Violence

Fraudlent Submissions to get more money

  • Fraudulent tax form at 4x Scott’s income
  • Fraudulent letter(s) of Employment
  • Lise-Anne’s CAF declaration
  • Lise-Anne’s work as “cleaning lady”

Fraudulent Representation of Lise-Anne Accomplishment

  • Lise-Anne says she doesn’t have permission to work.
  • Lise-Anne says she is CEO
  • Lise-Anne’ TED talk is in bottom (0.1%) viewership

Defamation of Scott

Social Workers Report

  • Secret Report withheld from Scott. Lise-Anne gets to describe Scott’s parenting behavior.

Court Decisions

  • Protective Order- REJECTED
  • Divorce – DENIED
  • Appeal – DENIED
  • CRIMINAL Charges – TBD