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It has been...
[DateCounter startDate=”2018-12-03″ endDate=”now” format=”Days”] Days! since I saw or heard from my boys

Like a sudden volcanic eruption, LiseAnne’s Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) erupted in July 2017, and she started a sequence of explosions which devastated our family.   

This is not a story of an ugly divorce and a fight over child custody.  Oh no… 

Instead this story is a horror show of a psychological breakdown, delusional behavior and child abuse.  The horror show is not in the past, it is happening every day, it is happening right now.

It is beyond tragedy for Brig, Soren & Reidar.  It is worse than a Tragedy. Tragedy is the correct word for an injury, death or illness; an unfortunate circumstance and grief.  But the Pain suffered by Brig, Soren and Reidar is much worse than a tragedy. The are living in a dungeon with a never-ending daily routine of psychological abuse and emotional terror.  It is ceaseless- and they are silenced- unable to speak out, completely isolated. 

And worse it not caused by bad luck of the universe.  It is caused by the willful actions of a human being, a sick and malevolent human being. 

But the Horror can be stopped.

Nobody has any news from the boys.  Lise-anne has  moved them from Chamonix, isolated them from family and friends, even blocking them from posting on social media.

Lise-Anne prevents the boys from communicating with  their Dad, their grandparents, their aunts and uncles…the people most able to protect them.

Letter to my boys

Letter to my Boys:

Dear Brig, Soren & Reidar,

I know that you are not allowed to respond directly to me, but know that I am fighting for you everyday, trying to reach you.

I carry you in my heart, I write you everyday on my blog
These are the happy moments of my day, when I can talk to you – even when you cannot communicate back. You are three beautiful souls- I will never give up on you. I miss you beyond imagination. Also look for me on Instagram and TikTok- all are public posts so you find me without the danger of “following me”. I love you.

The horror Nightmare you are living will come to end someday, and I while I cannot undo all the damage, know that I will be there for you when you are free of the psychological torture and tyranny.

Your future holds opportunities at a university, a career, traveling the world, a marriage. Endless opportunity – never stop dreaming! You are strong. And the restoration of trust, honor and integrity is essential for your success, for making those dreams come true. For finding Happiness again.
I cannot wait for the day of your freedom. I will help you recover and finding the joy of life again.

You can read some of my heartfelt letters to you, or birthday wishes in the early months after Lise-Anne’s break-down. I didn’t know about the BPD diagnosis then, but these letters show how deeply I care for you. I would give up anything for you.

I love you. I love you forever. Papa.

Letter to Lise-Anne

Letter to Lise-Anne

Dear Lise-Anne:

In July 2017 your Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) flared up and shattered our wonderful family.

Nobody saw it coming. Not me, not family members, not friends…and I surmise that even you were caught unaware. You didn’t tell the people who love you the most that you were suffering. Instead you kept it to yourself. Nobody knew you had been diagnosed with BPD.

It took me over a year to find out what was causing so much pain and panic. I wish you had told me and all the people that loved you – that you were hurting inside, afraid and scared. We all could have helped you. We all wanted to help you and support you.
Why did you never tell me that you had started seeing a psychiatrist? and had been prescribed psychotic drugs?

From that fateful day forward [27-July-2017], our wonderful family life became a Horror Story. You destroyed the happy lives of 5 people, including yours.

Every attempt I made after that fateful day to help you heal and to understand your pain, was met with rejection and silence. You refused all help from friends and family. You even silenced your Father and close friends like Christine Chung.

Instead of taking the support line, you cut the rope.

But no matter how much pain you feel, there is no excuse to destroy the Childhood of our three beautiful boys. If you want another husband or a different kind of happiness- you can choose that — BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MORAL RIGHT TO DESTROY THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN. I beg you to stop abusing the boys and restore yourself to a kind and trustworthy person- deserving to be called a mother.

I will forgive you- absolutely. We have children to raise together. They matter above everything else. No matter how badly you treat me, I will take it all and forgive your crimes to protect our wonderful boys.
Now, that it has been exposed what happened, you can stand up for your transgressions and earn the boys’ respect back.

When we decided to have Babies, we promised each other to do everything in our power to make their lives the best ones possible, and endure any crisis. “To Infinity and Beyond”– you told me so often.

But instead of providing our children with a better future than our own, you have chosen the footsteps of your abusive Mother. She abducted you as a child, and treated you as pawn in negotiation with your father. You suffered neglect, abandoment and abuse as a young child. Now you are acting in the same malevolent manner as your Mother.

I beg you to Stop the Pain and Suffering for our Soren, Brig and Reidar.

In the early days of your breakdown, I comforted you, took 100% responsibility for the crisis, and offered my unconditional support. I begged you, offering anything to stop this crisis. Even when you demanded that I move out of the house, you told me the reason was “so you had time to heal”. What an extraordinary lie- a lie that destroys lives. Read the letter here.

I wish this Nightmare had been stopped. I wish you had trusted me with your hurting instead of smashing yourself and our family.

Where has the kind and loving woman I fell in love with 25 years ago disappeared to?

Please turn around now, it’s never too late.

I beg you.

To Infinity and Beyond.

without Dad

Papa – Daddy – Father – Poppie

As Fathers, we need to be involved in our children’s lives not just when it’s easy –
but when it’s difficult and thankless.
That’s when they need us the most.”

Barack Obama

Fathers are teachers and coaches, they are mentors and role models. They push us towards greatness. They believe in us when nobody else does. They are there for us when we fail. They are the ones who help us to get back on our feet.

Every child should have such a rock in their life — a Dad.

He is the one you can trust because he will always tell you the Truth, even if it will hurt at first. He is the one who will stand up and defend you, at all costs. Somebody you know who loves you so much, that he’d literally give his arm for you.
Somebody you know that you are in his heart,
and somebody you know is your armor,

He is the one who will believe you when no one else does.

Tell your own father you love him. Embrace him. Honor your bond.

What you can do

What YOU can DO

Don’t close your eyes.

Silence is what facilitates this horrific Nightmare.

Daylight, and exposure of her behavior is the cure.

Complain if she blocks you on social media. Demand to be unblocked.

The Victims are the boys. They are the one who suffer the most.

They have lost their Childhood, their father. They have lost trust in everything

Please sign the pledge against Child Abuse.

Contact the boys directly if you can. Speak up, speak boldly.

Contact Lise-Anne directly if you can. Speak up, speak boldly.

They will Thank YOU — someday, when they are freed from the curtain of silence.