Letter to my boys

Letter to my Boys:

Dear Brig, Soren & Reidar,

I know that you are not allowed to respond directly to me, but know that I am fighting for you everyday, trying to reach you.

I carry you in my heart, I write you everyday on my blog MountainDreamers.net.
These are the happy moments of my day, when I can talk to you – even when you cannot communicate back. You are three beautiful souls- I will never give up on you. I miss you beyond imagination. Also look for me on Instagram and TikTok- all are public posts so you find me without the danger of “following me”. I love you.

The horror Nightmare you are living will come to end someday, and I while I cannot undo all the damage, know that I will be there for you when you are free of the psychological torture and tyranny.

Your future holds opportunities at a university, a career, traveling the world, a marriage. Endless opportunity – never stop dreaming! You are strong. And the restoration of trust, honor and integrity is essential for your success, for making those dreams come true. For finding Happiness again.
I cannot wait for the day of your freedom. I will help you recover and finding the joy of life again.

You can read some of my heartfelt letters to you, or birthday wishes in the early months after Lise-Anne’s break-down. I didn’t know about the BPD diagnosis then, but these letters show how deeply I care for you. I would give up anything for you.

I love you. I love you forever. Papa.